Elaine Fleck Gallery and Sean Chappell - The recent show

Hi All!

The show is on. And what a show it is! Elaine Fleck has put together a really strong group of artists and I'm really happy with the way everything has turned out. Strong work, professionally displayed and ready for adoption! Wunderbar!

Kit Daven and I had the opportunity to get into Toronto on Sunday to check out the show. We had a great time talking to Elaine and Gary about the art world, the show in general and my work specifically. A personal thank you needs to go out to Gary for taking time to chat with me about my painting, taking pictures of me with it and then filming a little video which I'm hoping is hitting all their social media channels :)

It would have been really nice to have a traditional opening for the show because honestly, I'm really ready to meet the public and discuss my work, but due to Covid 19 restrictions, it really isn't feasible at this time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a solo show in a year with Elaine Fleck Gallery that might allow us to do something swanky ;)

It was nice to see The Truth About Cats and Pumpkins: The Escape Plan with a frame on it as well. Three weeks before the show was to be displayed I dropped the piece off to The Framing Depot on Lawrence Avenue in T.O. with the help of a good friend and neighbor, Gord Whitney. Thanks Gord for helping me get my shit done :) You're the best. (Gord is also a photographer. Find out more about him on Instagram: @openairimages )

Below you'll find some pics of the show and many of the works that are available to view and purchase. Don't miss out on the opportunity to view the exhibition first hand and in person. Covid 19 measures are in place which means mainly, YOU have to wear a mask and Elaine Fleck Gallery has to keep everything clean, and they have. The show is professional as is the gallery. You have nothing to worry about :) Shake off the lock-down! Get out there and check out some art already!

Elaine Fleck Gallery - 1351 Queen St. W. Toronto, Ontario - 416.469.8005

Sean Chappell - Red Fracture - Elaine Fleck Gallery The truth about cats and pumpkins escape plan toronto art for sale posing with painting

 Sean Chappell - Red Fracture - Elaine Fleck Gallery west wall abstract paintings toronto art scene

Sean Chappell - Red Fracture - Elaine Fleck Gallery east wall abstract paintings transgender art photography Kit Daven too!

Sean Chappell - Red Fracture - Elaine Fleck Gallery west wall sculpture artwork

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