Introducing Honey Bomb!

Hi All!

Sorry for the long delay in blog posts. I really need to get my tush in a seat and my fingers on the keys more often. My apologies again (oh, how Canadian of me ;) )

The biggest update I have for you is about a new game that I and two others are developing together. It's called HONEY BOMB (our working title although we are quite partial to it) and is a strategy card game for two players.

The idea for our collaboration came out of a meet up at a Williams Fresh Cafe a few months back. Kitty, Sabrina, Becka and I sat around with out latte's catching up on recent goings on when I put forward the idea of playing a round of 20 questions, the macabre version. In it, the group had to decipher how a man died. The game itself lasted well over half an hour, the questions and responses were hilarious (I wish we had been recording it) and over all, the experience was fantastic! We laughed our butts off :)

Afterwards, we chatted about doing a podcast together, filming some Scrawlr Box challenges and getting a bit more high tech about our creative approach to the world.

Red Fracture - The Big Book of Awesome Ideas!

Where Honey Bomb first took shape. Since then, 4 more game ideas have appeared in this book :)

About a week later I was still thinking about the macabre 20 questions game we'd played and just how much fun it was and then it struck me...why not turn it into a game? I'm an artist. Kitty is a writer. Sabrina is a master crafter. And Becka has her head wrapped around all things visual and digital. The four of us could easily create a game together, write it up and market it to the world. Easy! Right? Well...

My first idea, the 20 questions of doom was not as well received as I'd hoped but the second idea, Honey Bomb, hit like a literal bomb. Boom! We had a hit.

And that's where we've been focusing our energies lately. Sabrina, with her super awesome Cricut cutter built a couple of different test decks for us and we've already had a couple of jam sessions where we've been figuring out game play, nailing down the rules (thanks go to Kitty for being lightning fast on her keyboard), how many cards are in a deck and just how we hope to get this thing to market. On this outing, Becka had to bow out due to other obligations :(

Red Fracture - The Honey Bomb Test Deck

Our current test deck made with a Cricut cutter and love! 57 cards in all.

There's lots to think about from social media, to marketing strategies, possible ads to buy, crowdfunding opportunities like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to investigate, doing test game nights to make sure the game is actually fun (that's a big YES in my opinion.You'll like it too!) etc. There's quite a bit to think about and quite a bit to plan and we have about 90 days left before we launch the game. It's time to put on our sprinting shoes!

So that's where we are. I promise to keep you updated better from now on. I'm really excited about this project, more so than most other opportunities that have appeared in my life lately. I hope my posts will allow you to feel that excitement along with me :)

If you'd like to find out more about Honey Bomb, check out the social media we've set up and don't forget to follow us:

Instagram: @honey_bomb_game

Facebook: @honey_bomb_game

Twitter: @TheTryb3


Pick your social media of preference. Updates are going to be coming fast and furious!

For now, that is all.


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