Live and Learn!

Hi All!

As Red Fracture grows and develops, there are invariably going to be stumbling blocks along the way! For instance...

As you know, Red Fracture now has a YouTube channel. With that, there is an opportunity in every painting to film something unique and engaging as each piece develops from a blank 'canvas' into a work of art. Well...

Everything was set to go the other day, the stand was set, the phone was set, the app was running and yes, the button was pushed. Filming had begun.

Alas, as the painting session began, a wrinkle occurred. The start up of a set of bluetooth headphones to play back an audio book on the same phone that was filming STOPPED the filming app. Oops! Why? Experts are currently not quite sure since the filming app does not record sound when filming in time lapse! Yeesh!

Suffice to say, after painting for three hours, the footage was checked and found... to be nonexistent. Shit. Yeah. There was much bluster and much consternation and it should be noted that a punching bag was liberally used to release the frustration of a missed opportunity. Ah, live and learn.

Since then, a work around has been discovered and now both filming and audio book listening can be performed at the same time. Hooray for problem solving skills!

Here is the work that didn't get filmed.

The Anubis Variation - Acrylic Painting by Sean Chappell

It's titled "The Anubis Variation" on account of it looking a little like Anubis, the dog faced God of Egyptian lore. It's still considered to be part of "The Truth About Cats and Pumpkins" series even thought it is rather canine in form. Not everything works out the way we expect. Again, live and learn!

For now, that is all.

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