New Print - La Petite Mort

This is the very first FINISHED painting I completed when I started airbrushing. It had taken me about a year of messing around, taking a beginners class at the Guelph School of Art and a lot of trial and error to get a feel for the tool and to understand what it can and CAN'T do (which I must admit, is very little).

I've always been fascinated by the french saying "La Petite Mort" as a description for orgasm. "The Little Death" seems like such a morbidly dramatic way to describe something so intimate and sought after by so many. This is the first painting I've put together to try to reconcile those two ideas.

Above we see beauty and colour, the vibrancy of life arrayed in petals of gentle flesh flecked with water drops, the fluid of life, and below we see the gaunt, wizened face of a creature close to or embodying the final repose, its tongue lolling suggestively, its finger counting out the designation of its creation as the first of its kind.

I'm very happy with the way this piece came together. I don't generally work with cool colours but the purple works startlingly well with the muted ochres and greys making a stark juxtaposition that draws in the viewer and causes the eye to flit back and forth, taking in the whole painting, enjoying the luxury and the horror in bold ambivalence.

I really enjoyed the sexually suggestive imagery in this piece and I love the way that every exhibition of La Petite Mort shakes up a few squares! If you like this piece, stay tuned for more. This was an initial foray into this theme but I have many more to come in bigger and bolder repose!

For now, that is all.

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