New Print - The Octo Pumpkin

Hi All!

Red Fracture is proud to announce that there is a new print available in the shop, The Octo Pumpkin!

The Inspiration

This painting came about as a reaction to a previous piece, one that was painted very small, and very sloppy and that I really didn't care for at all, except for the character itself. This was at a time when I was still using canvas and was still fighting with its texture to achieve the look I wanted. This was one of the reasons I got into airbrushing to begin with.

Red Fracture - Painting - Original Octo Pumpkin

The original, 8" x 8" painting. Yikes!

The image needed to be revisited and I chose to go in for a close up where the design of the head could be put on display.

The Octo Pumpkin was the first painting where I liberally used masks to block out areas while I was airbrushing. Anyone who has airbrushed in the past knows how notorious the technique is for allowing over-spray to carry to other parts of the painting. This led to a lot of learning experiences as edges lifted (without me noticing), masking was put down incorrectly (I got a double image), or my paint was so thin that in order to build back to a base colour (to cover up other over-spray) I ended up with a well defined and heavy ledge of paint laying up against the edge of the masking (since then, I've gotten better at mixing paint). Yeesh!

Yes, lots went wrong with this piece as I put it together but, all in all, the end result came together very well. I'm not ashamed to say that the original of this piece sold at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair in 2018 to a lovely young lady who found the colours and the imagery really resonated with her. She didn't even hesitate, "I want that one," she said. I said, "Sold!"

Red Fracture - Octo Pumpkin Portrait - Acrylic Painting - 9" x 12" - SOLD

So much better. In close up, the details really pop!

I really like the way this character looks like he's transfixed by a spotlight, with cool highlights on the right and warm highlights on the left. The drooping open mouth gives him an air of surprise and of course, those eight, unblinking eyes transfix the viewer as well. Do you dare look into them? This is a style I'll have to revisit in the future!

If you'd like to learn more about this print pop over to the Octo Pumpkin product page for more info.

For now. That is all.

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