Red Fracture at Catalyst 137 with Art$Pay

Hi all,

On November 9th and 10th, I had the opportunity to show with a group of high class Artists as part of the Art$Pay initiatives Second Annual Members Show and Sale. Art$Pay has the mandate to promote and advocate for Artists to be paid for their work. It's led to several shows locally, a thriving Art rental business, Art hanging in institutions such as Centre in the Square, and a strong community of business minded arts professionals.

Forty Artists took part in the show (see below for a full list) which featured everything from my dark surrealism to more traditional forms of visual expression such as landscape and still-life painting. All mediums were represented, from sculpture to photography, print-making to collage, painting to mixed media.

Taking place at Catalyst 137, a tech and business incubator in Kitchener, Ontario, the show was very well attended with an estimated 600+ guests over the two days. They were short days, so the joint was jumping!

I had the opportunity to reconnect and show with some friends from the local community such as Carmen Peters and Ginny Carnevale. I also met and laid the ground work for friendships with some new artists like the mixed media vixen Chantal Zettel and the dark and moody digital photographer Michael Chow.

Red Fracture - Sean Chappell and Carmen Peters discussing the Art on display.

This was my first event with Art$Pay and I used it as an opportunity to feel out how the community would respond to my work. I've belonged to organizations similar to this in Toronto and found that I was largely ignored due to the extremely "imaginative" (shall we say) nature of my work but I didn't get that here. The crowd was very receptive, engaged, and enthusiastic, and I had many in-depth conversations with visitors who were overwhelmed by my display.

Overall, it was a very positive experience; an opportunity to meet new potential clients, new Artists, experience a new venue and test out my work on the community at large. A big thumbs up to Cathy Farwell and the team that made this show one of the best curated and attended events I've been involved with to date!

Who was in the show? (follow a name to a gallery)

Cathy Amos, Marion Anderson, Jim Blomfield, Michele Braniff, Susan Campbell, Ginny Carnevale, Sean Chappell, Michael Chow, Dominique Cinq-Mars Delay, Laura Cook, Alan Daniel, Elizabeth Dietrich, Carolyn Dix, Mark Essner, Nancy Farrell, Cathy Farwell, Anne Filiatrault, Lisa Golem, Carolyn Dawn Good, Jane Hamilton, Kathryn Hernden, Maria Holland, Jack Jackowetz, Zana Kozomora, Mary Murphy, Carmen Peters, Christina Preece, Ross Pritchard, Michelle Purchase, Roslyn Ramsay, Roger Schmidt, Bill Schwarz, Jane Van Pelt, Isaac Watamaniuk, Trevor Waurechen, Chantal Zettel, and Adrienne Zoe

(Yep. That guy that's a head taller than almost anyone? That's me!)

Art$Pay artists in a group photograph taken by Jane Van Pelt

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