Red Fracture Gets Into T-Shirt Giveaways!

Hi All!

I wanted to update you about something new I'm doing here on Red Fracture. FREE T-SHIRTS! Yep. You read that right. There is a catch though...(of course)

That is, the t-shirts will be free every time that I bring a new design to print and I'm going to be doing the giveaway on Instagram.

I just tried my first giveaway at the beginning of February for this new design, "Touched by the Cosmic Creator":

It's actually based on a pumpkin drawing that I drew up quite a while back when I was experimenting with grey scale markers. I liked it (and still like it) and thought it needed some colour and an update. I gave the critter a bit of a back story, a reason for his sentience, a reach out by one of the Great Old Ones from the depths of the cosmos in a head nod to God creating Adam as seen in Michaelangelo's famous Sistine Chapel fresco.

As a first attempt at a giveaway on Instagram I decided to make it easy, by having my followers tag a friend in the comments and when their friend followed me, they were both entered to win. Easy!

The winners were two lovely ladies out the the U.S. (my first U.S. recipients of my merch!) _lindseyzombiegirl_ and halloween_horror_queen . Yep, two horror and halloween enthusiasts scored my tees this time (figures ;) ) And just to prove it:

There's Lindsey wearing my shirt! So cool to see my designs being worn by others. For the longest time I've been my own greatest fan. Now with the advent of these tees I can hand that hat off to others!

If you'd like to be eligible for the next free tee giveaway (and I know you want to be) pop on over to Instagram and find Red Fracture. Follow me and turn on the notifications, that way you'll be sure to get the heads up. Then, when the next tee giveaway rolls around, you'll be ready to rock and roll! I hope to have a new one ready for the beginning of every month. March 1st is two weeks away. That doesn't give me a lot of time so I better get motoring

Will you be in?

For now, that is all.


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