Red Fracture goes live on YouTube!

Hi all!

Just a quickie post about an important update. Red Fracture has gone live on YouTube!

Part of the evolution of Red Fracture is to create a body of videos that show the processes I use and tips and tricks that have helped me in my practice. I love to teach, well, not even teach really, just unveil my experience. I play, A LOT. I've tried a lot of processes and have had a lot of failures. But, I've had many successes too! All of that, I want to bring forth to you.

My first video is up on my new Red Fracture channel. I'm going to be posting all of my videos here whether they're process or experience videos so if you'd like to stay abreast of my updates, feel free to sign up :)

Here's the direct link to see the first video. Come back for more I hope to post something new every week.



P.S. What you'll find there; a process video of this happy cat!

The Priest and the Great Pumpkin - Acrylic Painting by Sean Chappell

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