Red Fracture @ The Cambridge Comic Arts Fest

Hi all!

This weekend I had the renewed opportunity to exhibit at the Cambridge Comic Arts Festival, put together in a partnership between Studio Comix and the Idea Exchange (our local library concern) and held at the main branch of the Cambridge Public Library at 1 Queen Square in Cambridge, ON. It was great! Let me tell you all about it...

This is the third or fourth time now that I've been a guest of the CCAF. Even though I'm not a comic book artist / illustrator or an author of any kind (at least, not yet) the organizer of the event, Alfonso Espinos of Studio Comix has been excellent enough to allow me to participate. And these events have always been awesome! Well organized, well run, well staffed; we wanted for nothing and had assistance around every corner. If I had a dollar for every time a volunteer asked me if I needed anything... ;)

Kit Daven and I shared a big long table out in the main foyer of the library and I was able to bring along my airbrush to do some live painting. The tiled floor was perfect for my easel as I worked off the end of the table with onlookers watching as I put paint to a sketchcover for the first time. The immediacy of the airbrush stops the paper from warping. It's perfect for this application :)

Red Fracture - Walking Dead Sketchcover

I'm not a big fan of recreating other people's work; no characters from the walking dead here! Just a zombie, mashed up with Chthulu because, why not?

Kit Daven had a wonderful display of her recently completed trilogy of The Forgotten Gemstone, The Other Castle and The Starry Rise. These books center on the journey of a trans-dimensional world builder who gets trapped on her own world, encounters demons, has to deal with Mystics, zombie warriors and the treachery of her own kin. It's quite an amazing series of books with murder and mystery afoot! If you enjoy sci-fi/fantasy crossovers with a bit of horror on the side and a mature approach to fluid sexuality in this Xiinisi (zee-ni-see) Universe, then this series if for you! Check it out!

Red Fracture - Kit Daven at the CCAF 2019

Kit Daven and her amazing body of work! The Xiinisi Trilogy AND short stories Spider Spun and the Cannibal's Handbook. Just amazing!

We were also able to get reacquianted with some old con buddies such as Steve McGinnis the crazy man who brought us The Harvester (check it out if you like horror / gore graphic novels) and Becka Kinzie who has finalized the story line for her comic series Gehenna: Death Valley and rolled the entire series (with 12 unseen, NEW pages) into a graphic novel that she'll be bringing to Fan Expo this year (in less than a week! Get yours then)

Red Fracture - Steve McGinnis and Becka KinzieSteve McGinnis as always points the Finger of Doom at us and Becka Kinzie (right) looks entirely waaaay too innocent to put out the horror smack-down that is Gehenna: Death Valley like she has (our good friend Sabrina Scalarini (left) mugs for the camera).

On top of the number of Super Startists that were featured at the show, there were also vendors of all types selling a number of comic book and geek culture related items such as clutch purses done with Super Mario Bros. fabrics and buttons featuring an array of nerd culture icons.

Red Fracture - Overview pics of CCAF 2019

A couple of overview pics of the show and the variety of vendors on display.

And to top it all off, what convention would be complete without a few costumed heroes and villains showing up to cause a ruckus!

Red Fracture - Costume pics from CCAF 2019

I hope The Flash is ready to do battle with The Emprie. That's a helluva crossover!

Overall, Kitty and I and the rest of the vendors at the Cambridge Comic Arts Festival had a really good time. I was able to get down to ground level and make some new fans; there's a possibility that I might be teaching one of them how to airbrush in the fall and I picked up a possible commission, doing an airbrush portrait of another artists sculptural work. That'll be an interesting project! Kitty was able to sell on several of The Forgotten Gemstone, the first novel in her series and she reconnected with a gentleman who posted some amazing reviews of her two short stories.

It's really nice being part of a community. Sometimes, as artists, we get so heavily into what we're trying to achieve that we lose sight of the fact that we need human interaction and that our friends, fans and soon to be fans are also looking for that interaction. Thanks again goes out to Alfonso Espinos, Studio Comix, the Idea Exchange and all the wonderful volunteers who helped to make the day a smashing success!

For now, that is all.


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