The Art of the Jam Session

Hi all,

This past Saturday, Kitty and I and our good friend Sabrina got together to have another jam session about Honey Bomb, our soon to be smash hit card game! We got together a little earlier than last time so we had a lunch spread laid out and ready to roll.

Red Fracture -Honey Bomb lunch spread

We like to eat healthy and seeing's as how we're all was time for nibbly bits!

Once we got down to the nitty gritty we discussed card artwork, card design aspects, where we are going to get Honey Bomb printed, the pros and cons of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, keeping a proper accounting ledger, creating a formal document for our partnership and funny enough, Adam Savage of Myth Busters fame as well.

Red Fracture - Honey Bomb test tiles

Some test tile designs for one of the four drone cards for Honey Bomb.

When we had finally discussed most of the really serious bits of business surrounding Honey Bomb we decided to take a break and travel out to see someone else's dream in action (and to get ourselves a little bit of a sweet treat :) ) I find it's nice to get some perspective on our own goals by seeing someone else bringing their's to fruition.

We ended up in Rockton, ON. at Kitty's Ice Cream Garage a rock and roll themed ice cream parlour with old records up on the wall.

Red Fracture - Vintage Rock Album

I actually had this album as a child! It was wild to see it up on the wall :)

We all had double scoops of our respective flavours (I had Granny's Cupboard, a mix of vanilla, peanut butter and brownie bits swirled together. Yum!) and we all had the waffle cones because waffle cones rock! It was fun to take a break from the rigors of game design in order to be flayed by the sarcastic wit of the gent behind the counter (and he was sarcastic!) and then...give him money. Funny how that works ;)

Red Fracture - Kitty's Ice Cream Garage

A good samaritan was nice enough to take our picture in front of this old timey car. Me, Kitty, Sabrina.

After a necessary sojourn out in the country, enjoying our ice cream and the fantastic weather of the afternoon, we beetled back to my basement and continued planning out Honey Bomb and where it's going to go; far, we hope! Interest on social media has been pretty good and we plan to put the game in the hands of some reviewers before too long (hence the chat about Adam Savage and his Youtube channel Tested). More updates to come!

If you'd like to find out more about Honey Bomb, check out the social media we've set up and don't forget to follow us:

Instagram: @honey_bomb_game

Facebook: @honey_bomb_game

Twitter: @TheTrybe


Pick your social media of preference. Updates are going to be coming fast and furious!

For now, that is all.


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