The Origin of "Red Fracture"

Hi All!

During a recent pitch presentation for a $5000 grant being offered by the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre, I was asked a curious question, one that I didn't expect. One of the gents on the Grant Review Committee asked me, "What's the meaning behind the business name, Red Fracture?" Well, I was only happy to tell him :)

You see, I have vivid dreams. I mean REALLY vivid dreams and I have them almost every night. It's rare that I'll have a dreamless sleep. I'm pretty sure my brain is on overload almost 100% of the time and when I sleep there's no activity that I'm engaged in to direct the flow of my thoughts. They really go anywhere and everywhere. I'm 100 different people every night; architecture is twisted and impossible; landscapes change while my back is turned and it's no big thing.

Several times, I've even left my dream state and ascended to a higher plain where there is absolutely nothing; no light, no sound, no smell only the sense of my body in three dimensional space. It was utterly peaceful and a little unnerving; fear of the unknown and all that. Of course, I've always been safe and when I come down from that state I find myself back in a dream. THAT transition can be a little confusing for sure ;)

The night I came up with the name Red Fracture I had a very vivid, very detailed dream about a man in an insane asylum who didn't know if he was dreaming up the other patients or if they were dreaming him. In the sky was a huge red fracture that was emitting a red radiation that bathed everything in it's glow. This radiation allowed dreams to become reality.

It stuck in my head for a long time. I even wrote down the overview of the dream thinking it might be a really good story to write one day. I can still see so much of the imagery so vividly, the way the patients were dressed like olden day monks in toga like garb, the shattered architecture of the 'asylum' that felt like a very large, very bombed out cathedral with columns, arches and galleries and of course the huge glowing tear in the sky. It was a potent dream.

So, when it came time to name my business I sat down and thought about what I was trying to achieve. Ultimately, I bring the impossible to life. I create twisted, morphing forms, unique places, and new faces all the time. I bring dreams to life. So it was a really short journey for me to pick Red Fracture as a name for my business. The reality of what I achieve and the tone of the 'red fracture' dream meshed so well that it fell into place all by itself.

When I mentioned to the gent from the Grant Review Committee that I named my company after a dream (also with a bit of explanation of the dream) he didn't seem taken aback at all. Perhaps he had seen some of my art? ;) In fact, one of the other gentlemen muttered a comment about his own life and gave a little chuckle. It was a nice way to start off the interview.

What's in a dream eh? Apparently a business name ;)

So, in case you were wondering, that is the where Red Fracture got it's name,  a very vivid dream about dreams. Sounds like a surrealists paradise!

Have you ever had a really vivid, inspirational or terrifying dream? One that you still remember to this day? Brave enough to talk about it? I know you are! Leave a comment below and tell me all about your dreams. I'd love to hear about them :)

For now, that is all.


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