Red Fracture - Sketch Cover - Shelly #1 by Stephany Lein - High School and Chthulu in one. What more could a girl want?

Sketch Cover - Shelly #1

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This sketch cover is completed on Shelly #1, an Indie title created by Stephany Lein. You can get the series at Studio Comix Press in Kitchener, Ontario. The book follows the journey of Shelly and deals with the themes of bullying in school and the figurative monsters in life. Well, I decided to make Shelly a literal monster!

I continued with the Chthulu theme for my sketch covers and gave her a wicked cool octopus eye in purple and very tentacle-y (is that a word?) hair. It ends in little nodules that also glow purple. I had to use a lot of masking film in order to make it work. Phew! There's also a nod to a previous sketch cover in the form or a Book of Death earring in Shelly's lobe; a little Easter Egg for y'all to enjoy!

Painted in airbrushed acrylics and watercolour pencils this one of a kind original comes with free shipping and taxes included. Snap it up while you can :)

P.S. Shelly may be burning down the school but this is not a condemnation of education on my part. Education is King! Support a teacher today. No, seriously. Thanks in advance :)