Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - Ballpoint pen drawing, stonehenge paper, fingers, eyes, reality shift, horror, monster, surrealism

Behind the Veil

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Behind the Veil was a flight of fancy drawing that became a real labour of love. My drawing style with the ballpoint pen is all cross hatching and can be quite long winded, but the technique yields a stunning product!

The idea behind this piece was a simple one; a succession of horrific fingers peel back a layer of reality to reveal something even worse underneath. I'm fascinated by rippling edges, hands and horror; you'll find all three of these things as common elements throughout a lot of my work. I spiced up the piece by differentiating the fingers and the eyes giving the work a nice variety of elements to look at.

Behind the Veil is a ballpoint pen artwork on grey stonehenge paper, 8.75" x 15.75", matted framed and ready to hang.