Red Fracture - I hate it when my eyes blow out! - Original, acrylic painting by Sean Chappell. Pictured, a pumpkin man relighting his eyes after they've blown out.

I Hate It When My Eyes Blow Out

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Imagine, It's a cold October night. You're a pumpkin man out in the forest trying to avoid some headless horseman jerk who wants your head because he doesn't have his own! When suddenly, a strong gust of wind blows out your candle and your eyes go out! "Wellllll, Sh!t."

Our friend here is having a VERY bad day. Instead of trying to find his glasses in the dark, he's trying to re-light his candle and making a fine mess of it too! The inspiration for this piece came from the idea that perhaps the spark of life for a pumpkin comes from it's candle and discovering what issues a pumpkin man would face if his candle went out?

This painting is from my pre-airbrushing period and done on a double-wide, stretched canvas. It is 12" x 18", acrylic and does not require framing although you certainly can choose to do so if you wish :)

This amazing, one of a kind artwork comes with free shipping and taxes included!