Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - Acrylic painting, canvas, skull, bird, soul carrier, first human, top hat, cane, aleph.

The Guf 1

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Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - icon, free shipping, taxes included
The Guf 1 is one of a two part series painted for Necropolis: The Dark Arts Group Show at Congregation Gallery (now defunct) in California. The theme of the series was to depict the concept brought up in the Demi Moore movie, The Seventh Sign; that the end of the world is brought about when the Guf or Hall of Souls, is empty.

The Guf 1 depicts the beginning of humankind, with a soul carrier breathing life into the first human being; dressed to the nines for his debut performance. In the background is the Guf with a whole host of other soul carriers heading out to begin the human race. The written character depicted is Aleph, the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet. Since this is the beginning, and the Guf is biblical, I decided that starting with "A" was a good idea!

The Guf 1 is acrylic painted on canvas, 12" x 9" on a double thick canvas stretcher and comes wired and ready to hang.