Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - Acrylic painting, nuclear fallout, egg, cactus, push the button, nuclear winter, nuclear symbol.

Things That Should Not Be Inside Eggs: Man-Made Plant Life

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Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - icon, free shipping, taxes included
This painting, with its extraordinarily long title, is one in a series about the purity of eggs, the simple, beginning of life and things that should never be inside them.

In Man-Made Plant Life I explore the idea of nuclear armageddon, the winter that would ensue and new forms of plant life that might come to be from the fallout. The trees in the background are one step removed from being ash, the nuclear symbol is hidden in the shadow of the egg and of course, "the button" shows up in the new cactus.

If was a very fun piece to create and really allowed me to flex my symbolic muscles. In fact, every piece in this series is jam packed with symbolism. I plan to revisit this series in the near future :)

Things That Should Not Be Inside Eggs: Man-Made Plant Life is an acrylic on canvas painting, 14" x 24" on a double thick canvas stretcher. It comes wired and ready to hang.