Red Fracture - Wasp of the Flesh - Original acrylic painting; airbrush and pencils. 12" x 16". Ready to hang.
Red Fracture - Wasp of the Flesh - Original pen and ink drawing - Circa 2017
Red Fracture

Wasp of the Flesh

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A new year, a new painting!
I'm actually quite partial to this piece and will be sad to see it go but go it must! As part of the journey of art, it must leave my hands and find it's way to a loving collector.
This is the second time I've created this piece. The first was a black and white pen and ink drawing (in the images on the right) I did a few years ago which sold to a local Cambridge collector. But I loved the image so much that I thought it deserved a colour version. Enter, "Wasp of the Flesh" 2.0!
It underwent quite a few changes but I'm glad that it did because I love this image! It is so strong, so provocative, so bold! Sometimes, art has to go where it goes and, as I've said to many people before "In art, sometimes penises and vaginas happen." It may not be for everyone but it may be for you. Are you bold enough to acquire this piece?
Created with airbrushed acrylics and pencils on mounted illustration board. 12" x 16". Ready to hang!

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