Red Fracture - Un Sketch Covers banner - Pictured, a selection of blank sketch covers with a fully painted Inhuman #1 on top.

"What the heck is a sketch cover?"

New to the world of sketch covers? Some info:
Simply put, they're a comic book wrapped in a blank white cover. Fans take them to comic conventions so their favourite artist(s) can "sketch" a character or scene from the story upon them. Me? I'm using them slightly differently.
I'm really enjoying the openness of a white page and a handful of suggestive words and what they might mean to an imagination run amok! I've never been scared of a blank page. It thrills me to be able to make the first mark! Delving into my love for horror cinema and all things macabre and surreal, I've been having a heyday going to town on these one-of-a-kind originals!
When I'm done, they aren't very sketchy anymore and the artwork may not reflect what's in the book, that's why I'm calling them UN-sketch covers.

Do you have an idea for a sketch? How can I help you realize it? I have several titles available on hand to choose from. Commissions will be open as of January 1, 2020. Contact me and we'll chat. What can I create for you today?

(P.S. Keep in mind where my strengths lay. PLEASE...no puppies...unless they have 14 eyes and are breathing fire. Then, we're copacetic!)