Red Fracture - Edward Scissorhands Sketch Cover - Pictured with Edward Scissorhands VHS movie, and Vincent Price Unmasked - Book
Red Fracture - Sketch Cover - Edward Scissorhands - Tim Burton
Red Fracture

Sketch Cover - Edward Scissorhands - #2

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So you've decided to go for the 'rare' piece, eh? Good for you!

"What do I mean by rare?", you may ask? Rare in that this sketch cover pulls from the actual source material of the comic that it adorns. It's not often that I rework someone else's designs. It's just not my temperament. But in this case, given the specificity of the title it seemed like the prudent thing to do. Also, I really like the idea!

Here we find Edward Scissorhands, brooding in the dark, eyes glowing ominously, contemplating his new digits. Chitinous and crab like they gleam deadly in the gloom! How did this happen? Is it evolution or is their something more mystical and sinister at play? Has Ed been reading from some of his creators books, books he should have left alone; chatting to something from beyond time which has blessed / cursed his mechanical appendages with flesh instead? Who can say...

This Artwork like all my originals has taxes included and comes with free shipping! Grab (crab?) this amazing piece while it lasts. Do you dare?


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