Red Fracture - Sketch Cover - Pictured, a stack of horror dvds: Sinister, Insidious 3, Shutter, Suspect Zero, Seed of Chucky, Saw. And a lego werewolf!
Red Fracture - Sketch Cover - Fear Itself - Original Art
Red Fracture

Sketchcover - Fear Itself

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Fear Itself - Book One - The Serpent

My initial idea for this cover, since the interior concerns Capt. America and the Avengers, was to have Cap trying to force a door shut while the eternal tentacles of Chthulu pried around the edges! But...

I'm not a big fan of rehashing other peoples material (that being Cap and the Team) so the tentacles and the door kinda morphed together and became what I painted, a cross between the gullet door from the end of the original Poltergeist and Rickety Rick, the talking workshop from Dr. Snuggles. Yep. Dr. Snuggles. I'm hardcore like that ;)

This amazing piece comes with free shipping as do ALL my originals. Get it now before it's gone!

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