Red Fracture - Original - Cat on a hot tin tongue - Pictured, a stuffed cat and a pumpkin shaped tin. Also, the word "tongue" in scrabble tiles.
Red Fracture - Original Art - Cat on a Hot Tin Tongue
Red Fracture - Originals - Can on a hot tin tongue photographed in a frame.
Red Fracture

The Truth About Cats and Pumpkins - Cat on a Hot Tin Tongue

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Although the tongue in this piece is quite organic, the title of the work resonates with me so it will continue with its metallic reference for now. That cat there is owning that tongue! Talk about a feline with nothing to worry about, not even the fact that he's hanging on a giant tongue that's swirling into a vortex to...who knows?

Acrylic and coloured pencil on paper, 4.75" x 6.75", 2018. This fearless feline comes framed and ready to hang, on the wall and with YOU.

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