Red Fracture - Pictured, The Imposter photographed in a black frame with a white mat.
Red Fracture - Original Art - The Truth About Cats and Pumpkins - The Impostor
Red Fracture

The Truth About Cats and Pumpkins - The Impostor

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A new piece in The Truth About Cats and Pumpkins series, "The Impostor". 

I've always been fascinated but the adaptive capabilities of the life on our planet from insects that look like trees, to octopus's that look like, well, anything! They're really quite amazing! So I thought I would bring that idea to this series.

In this piece we see a crab doing it's best impression of a pumpkin, hunkered down, armoured up and minding it's own business. Of course, cats can't leave anything alone, especially if it looks suspicious or fun to play with! The oppressive and looming paw of a cat will find out the truth.

A one of a kind original, acrylic and pencil on paper, 4.75" x 6.75", framed and ready to hang. Taxes included in the price. Available to be shipped worldwide.

A time lapse video of the making of this piece can be found on my Red Fracture Youtube channel.

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