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Red Fracture - Commissions banner - Pictured, copies of The Forgotten Gemstone by Kit Daven on edge with a copy on top showing the cover.

"What can you do for me today?"

That depends...

Are you looking for something simple or something complex?

Do you need assistance designing a product you're bringing to market or are you looking for a one-of-a-kind gift?

Do you need my skills as an artist or my skills in troubleshooting a concept?

Can you work with an artist who works well one-on-one or with a team?

How does 25 years of artistic practice sound to you?

Whatever your needs, whatever your project; from the size of your team, time horizon or budget, I'm ready to hear about your concept and discuss how I might be of assistance.  Contacting me is completely free! Lets discuss the specifics of your project and formulate a plan of attack to achieve your goals!

"Do you have some samples of what you've accomplished already?"

Of course! Let me introduce you to:

The Xiinisi Trilogy by Kit Daven

For the past five years I have been working with Kit Daven to draw visual elements from her novels that give a feel for the stories that are written within. Working closely with Kit and drawing from a rich history of science fiction and fantasy book covers, I have tailored imagery to fit with the themes of the stories which also work with Kit's very own graphic design concepts.

Red Fracture - commissions - Book photo - The Forgotten gemstone, the other castle, the starry rise by Kit Daven. The Xiinisi Trilogy
The Xiinisi Trilogy by Kit Daven - The Forgotten Gemtone, The Other Castle and The Starry Rise

If you'd like to learn more about the Xiinisi Trilogy please click here to find Kit's books and her Xiinisi Index, a compendium of the world she's created over nearly a decade of writing!

Four of a Kind by Goblin

"Goblin? Goblin who?", you might ask and chances are, if you're not decidedly into the horror film genre, it's a perfectly legit question.

Goblin were a five piece, instrumental rock band out of Italy who had some decent success in the 80's by doing horror film scores mostly for Dario Argento. Their most recognizable score would be for George A. Romero's zombie classic Dawn of the Dead! That music is unforgettable!

"So, if they're in Italy, how did you come to work with them?" Good question.

Well, they're based out of Italy, but one member (Maurizio Guarini) lives locally in Toronto, Ontario. I met up with him at a horror con - Shock Stock - in London and we struck up a conversation. It turns out, that the new Goblin album was only going to feature four members of the band, was to be titled "Four of a Kind" and needed some cover art. I was in the right place at the right time and the rest, as they say, is history!

Red Fracture - Goblin - Four of a Kind - Music album
The original art, front / back cover, 16" x 16", acrylic on canvas

I also ended up designing a poster for the release and a new logo based on the dancing devil that has followed Goblin through their careers. One project led to another and the boys from Goblin ended up following the release of Four of a Kind with a successful tour through the US! Their fan base may be from the 80's but they're all zombies so time for them is now moot ;)

Honey Bomb by Ramstar Games

Although this is a personal project, one in which I came up with the core concept and have been the lead artist on, my work within Ramstar Games is still a commission worthy of being on this list. Everything that has been developed has been developed by a stellar team of which I'm happy to count myself among!

The concept for developing a tabletop game came from a rather innocent conversation at a local coffee shop. One thought led to another and after a short while, the concept for Honey Bomb was being developed by myself, Kit Daven and Sabrina Scalarini into a tabletop strategy game soon to be on Kickstarter.

Red Fracture - Honey Bomb - Pictured, Sean Chappell posing with a selection of the finished Honey Bomb, table top game artwork

Just me, posing with a selection of the finalized artwork for Honey Bomb!

The art is finally completed and is now being digitized into it's final format before being sent off to the printers. We'll have test packs in hand by mid January and will be testing the game with audiences through the rest of the Winter.

The vote is still out as to whether or not Honey Bomb is going to be a fan fave but with the attention and intention we've been giving it, we're sure it's going to do very well! More details soon!

"Wow! I'm impressed! How do I contact you?"

Easy. Click here to find my contact page for immediate service. We'll chat soon :)