"Where do you get your ideas?"

Ah! The Grand-Daddy of all artistic questions! Where do you get your ideas? Well I could tell you, but then...well, you know ;)

"Do you do painting commissions?"

Yes! Commissions are open now :) New clients welcome!

Drop me a line and we'll get the ball rolling.

"Who does your printing?"

Printful, a full service, drop-shipping print provide.

"Why Printful?"

Printful is based in the U.S. and the EU. I would have liked to have gone with a Canadian supplier but I couldn't find one that meshed with the Shopify platform.

After trying several other drop shipping companies and testing out their wares, I settled on Printful because the quality of their tees is stellar as is the quality of their printing. I've had a sample of their work for a year now and it still looks amazing!

"How long does shipping take?"

The short answer? It depends.

Shipping times in the US take about 1 week.

Shipping times to Canada take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. Where you live and what you've ordered will make a difference. But don't fret! Good things come to those who wait :) Plus, the tracking code you get allows you to track your package through every stage of it's journey. It's like a game!

"How much does shipping COST?"

There's ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING on my originals. Sweet!

Otherwise, it depends on the number of products you purchase and where they're shipping to. But great news! Printful recently reduced all of its shipping rates considerably, especially to Canada and the US. This means that more of your hard earned money stays in your pocket while you get to enjoy the stylish looks of Red Fracture swag!

To learn more about Red Fractures and Printfuls shipping policies click here.

"What materials do you use in your originals?"

I use Golden Fluid Acrylics for all of my airbrush work, Derwent and Faber-Castell pencils for the details, Borden and Riley #234 paper for all my small, framed works, some illustration board for bigger pieces and, of course, canvas from reputable retailers when I work on a stretched painting; no prefab canvases, I build my own.

I'm producing quality and pushing longevity when I paint. It's gotta last AND look beautiful too!

"Where else can I find Red Fracture products?"

I'm currently working on some partnerships with local businesses in the Kitchener-Waterloo region to make my tees, prints and originals available immediately to local shoppers.

Studio Comix Press

385 Frederick St. Inside the Frederick Mall, Kitchener, Ontario.

Alfonso Espinos the benevolent benefactor of Studio Comix Press has kindly started carrying a selection of my sketch covers. If you're local and you'd like to see them first hand, pop by the shop and give them a view. Or click HERE to see my existing inventory.