A Xiinisi Trilogy by Kit Daven

Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - A Xiinisi Trilogy, Kit Daven - The forgotten gemstone, the other castle, the starry rise


Just a little while ago I had the opportunity to get involved in a fantastic project with the indomitably creative Kit Daven. She was writing a series of science fiction / fantasy novels, A Xiinisi Trilogy which required cover illustrations and I just happened to be an available illustrator. The project was made easy by the fact that we live and work together, Kit being my lovely wife and all!

Saying the first book was a difficult birth would be understating the challenge of writing a first novel, but after many drafts and false starts The Forgotten Gemstone was written in to life with its two sisters, The Other Castle and The Starry Rise close on its heels.

The story follows the journey of Ule, a transdimensional world builder who gets trapped on Elish, a planet she's created. Although she's journeyed there before and left without incident, something has changed since her last visit and this time she can no longer Ascend to her own realm, the world of Xii (zee). Time passes differently on Elish and all her friends have either changed or vanished. She is alone and...there are demons treading the surface of the planet.

This series has a little bit of everything for everyone; magic, demons, other worldly beings, zombies, mages, medieval influences as well as modern ones and, it's queer friendly. Relationships in A Xiinisi Trilogy are relationships and characters love whom they love without reproach or a political agenda from the author.

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The Forgotten Gemstone is free to download!

 Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - A xiinisi trilogy book 1 by Kit Daven, The forgotten gemstone    
Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - A Xiinisi Trilogy book 2 by Kit Daven, The Other Castle Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - A Xiinisi Trilogy book 3 by Kit Daven, The Starry Rise

On top of having helped to brand the series with my unique illustrations and acted as a beta reader for the rough drafts of all three stories, I've helped put together a t-shirt collection of the cover art to help YOU the amazing fans of A Xiinisi Trilogy show your support with wearable art! These come from Printful, a U.S. drop shipper and I can personally attest to the quality; great prints on great tees that last.

Once you've read and fallen in love with A Xiinisi Trilogy by Kit Daven, grab a tee to show off your continued enthusiasm to the public at large. Some day, like Stephen King memorabilia from the 80's, these tees are gonna be collectors items :)

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