Red Fracture - Sean chappell - cat, pumpkin, heart, eyeball, surfer, heart balloons, cliff face, cat, surreal, surrealism

A Surrealists Dream

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This piece was based on a dream and when I woke from it, I went straight to my easel and let it pour out of me. What a rush! This was one of my earlier airbrush pieces when I was still trying to get a handle on the process so my method was a little clunky but the end result speaks for itself. Fabulous!

A twisted cat face; a shattered cliff; a solar eclipse as an eye; a pumpkin heart with bloody tears; this was one hell of a dream! The longer you look, the more you'll see.

A Surrealists Dream is an acrylic on paper artwork, 6.5" x 8.5", matted, framed and ready to hang.