Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - gouache, ballpoint pen, illustration board, pumpkin pie, tree, skull bird, bees, cannibal, surrealism

Auto Cannibalism on the Tree of Cooling

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Auto Cannibalism on the Tree of Cooling was created for Last Rites Gallery and the Taboo: Beinart Surrealist Art Collective group show in 2012. I remember distinctly working on it in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan while on the road as a fabricator.

The purpose of the show was to highlight what we consider to be a taboo in our society and my initial thought was of cannibalism. Since I've been exploring the world of pumpkins I started with a pumpkin man startled by the viewer while eating a pumpkin pie, the police careened towards him in the background. That idea developed and morphed until I ended up with the composition you see, a pumpkin eating itself. This is where the auto cannibalism comes in.

The piece developed slowly as I brought elements together; an addition of bees here, a bird with a top hat there. I included a broken heart, a "forked" tongue and a hand holding the pie aloft. Can you see it? One of the more fun compositions from my explorations into gouache and ballpoint pen.

Auto Cannibalism on the Tree of Cooling is a gouache and ballpoint pen mixed media piece on illustration board, 13.5" x 11.5", matted, framed and ready to hang.