Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - Gouache, ballpoint pen, blister, character, monster, creature, fish, surrealism

Mister Blister

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Ah! Welcome to the world of pain! As I frequently did while working on Red Fracture as a side hustle, I started working on a new series, this one based on the types of pain that we feel and, since each pain is unique, each character in the series is unique.

Mister Blister was the first and one of my earliest pieces to combine gouache and ballpoint pen as a medium. All I really wanted to do was bring forward the horror of being covered in blisters and the oddly anesthetized agony that they bring. As an ex metal fabricator I've had many occasions to be blistered. They're both gross and fascinating at the same time. I think I achieved my goal :)

Mister Blister is a gouache and ballpoint pen mixed media piece on illustration board, matted, framed and ready to hang.