Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - Acrylic painting, canvas, pumpkin, monster, skull, bird, tail feathers, display, nature, surrealism.

Reflections of my Own Sweet Self

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Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - Icon, free shipping, taxes included.

Here you can see an early example of my love for personifying pumpkins. So much fun to do this one! And the level of detail I was able to capture was overwhelming (at least from my perspective ;) )

I came up with the concept for this piece after watching a documentary featuring birds from Papua New Guinea and their bizarre mating rituals. Their fancy displays ( or lack thereof) were intriguing and I decided to explore the phenomenon in paint.

In Reflections of my Own Sweet Self, this colourful character has come face to face (almost literally!) with a bird whose plumage bares a striking resemblance to his very own face. How would you react if you saw your visage spelled out in tail feathers?

Reflections of my Own Sweet Self is an acrylic on canvas painting, 18" x 12" on a double thick canvas stretcher. It is strung and ready to hang.