Red Fracture - Sketch Cover - Life, Death and Sorcery #1 - Chapter House Comics - Airbrushed acrylics and watercolour pencils
Red Fracture - Sketch cover - Life, Death and Sorcery - Close up of granrled hand showing detail and workmanship.
Red Fracture

Sketch Cover - Life, Death and Sorcery

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I love the way this piece turned out, especially the hand, all gnarled and old, blistered and pocked. It screams SORCERER! and is a real throw back to the classic witch / warlock with whom I became quite well acquainted with when I was a kid, watching late night horror movies off of City TV in Toronto. Hey City TV! You can play your R rated horror films late at night but when the kids know how to work the VCR, you can bet they're gonna be watching them!
This sketch cover is painted on: Life, Death & Sorcery #1: A Hundred Days in the Future Part 1 with airbrushed acrylics and watercolour pencils. It is printed by Chapter House Comics.

This original artwork, like all my original artworks, comes with free shipping and taxes included! One price fits all :) Rockin!

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