Red Fracture - Sketch Cover - The Walking Dead - Pictured, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead by George Romero and Zombie by Lucio Fulci. Also, an aloe plan!
Red Fracture - Sketch cover - The Walking Dead - All out War
Red Fracture

Sketch Cover - The Walking Dead (1) - All Out War

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Ahhhh! (The good kind of "ah" that is; the kind you have when you slip into a scalding hot bath after a day of battling the undead, NOT the bad kind of "ah" when one of them sinks it's hungry teeth into your conspicuously bared forearm flesh. Why did you leave that exposed? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?)

My very first sketch cover :) Well, at least my very first sketch cover in a very, VERY long time. Too long in fact. I really enjoy the freedom of this medium. It's my fun time :)

Most of my sketch covers deal with the Chthulu Mythos, the stories of the Ancient Ones, the Old Gods written about by H.P. Lovecraft, Ramsey Campbell and others in that mysterious and damning genre. My initial vision for this cover was of a burning city, the walking dead flooding away from the smoldering ruins towards the viewer, while the shadow of Chthulu loomed in the smoke overhead.

But that design was ugly in this application; too small and clunky in the space. So I switched to what we have here, a mash up between the walking dead (note the missing arm) and Chthulu itself; a demonic figure with the tendril like dreadlocks of it's progenitor flowing out in a ballet of horrific annihilation!

There's one one and it can be yours today :) This amazing Artwork is taxes in and comes with free shipping! Yay free shipping!



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