Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - Acrylic painting, canvas, monster, skulls, outer space, electronic eye, cubes, horror art, surrealism.

Vignette #1: Skies and Eyes

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Red Fracture - Sean Chappell - Icon, free shipping, taxes included.

Vignette #1: Skies and Eyes was a piece I created out of small ideas that I didn't think would be strong enough to stand alone as single paintings. What's funny, is that since then, section 2 has been developed into another painting, An Investigation of Cute and section 3 is on it's way to becoming one as well!

Every other section in this painting is either a skyscape or a set of eyes, both organic and electronic hence the name Skies and Eyes. Also, Each section from the top down correspond to the numbers 1 through 6. I'll let you figure out how!

Vignette #1: Skies and Eyes is an acrylic on canvas painting, 18" x 24" on a double thick canvas stretcher. It is wired and ready to hang.